Never die your voice …

A sound which have no voice to say something to anyone , It’s not a mean that a sound don’t want to come out across street , Sound cry for his self ,to maintain balance in mental health,many words are arrange through itself to make a full sentences , all are carry lots of proverbs […]

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Spread …😍

Beauty of love for them, Who are near ,who are close to us , Care about how they are makes your life easy ,think about them ,give some love through some words about your feelings for them ,πŸ€— Takes some time ,spread your love in everywhere , Where everything looks silent ,makes a loud of […]

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Unfold the wrap box πŸ˜

Believe on anyone is not easy task for ourself, In every going rushes, we are takes our step in backward , We want a devoted life ,but due loss of faith ,loss of believe on anyone ,we move backward, Fear is seated in brain in this way ,that we are not try to come out […]

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😍 myself .

Thanks you dear sara Altaf khan 😊 I feel very happy ,for my second leibster award 🀩 I always want to increase myself in those fields where I starts to initiate my all dreams ,but for to full fill them I want to do more work , on myself acceptances and tendency .πŸ™‚ We have […]

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Leibster awardπŸ™‚

I am nominated for leibster award ,this is my first award 😍nominated by Perth gill’ ,thank you so much . Perth gill’blogs mostly writes about many think related to foods ,experience of life ,about feelings . I am one of them who never stay out steps that I carried for forward,I love various food tricks […]

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Look towards beleive πŸ˜ƒ..

In this whole cycle of journey ,we do millions of promises to everyone ,everytime. In order to show our feelings, our love ,or our dreams we have many promises for ourself and for someone other, In this much of promises we fly our promises ,we forget our promises that we do for ourself to maintain […]

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Tricks 🀩

A interesting fact about living beings is that our happiness is related to our digestive system , when we are eating any food with an interesting mode ,then a smile comes in our face ,which shows a lots of expression in our mode activity , so if we want to be happy then a simple […]

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